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Cloud GPU providers comparison – more graphs

Continued from the previous post.

With the graphs below you can compare calculation time and cost for a fixed amount of calculations in Floating Point Operations (FLOPs***). Use buttons above the graphs to set calculations amount and number of virtual or bare metal machines called “nodes” used for calculations.

Important notice: we assume that a task can be run on multiple computers WITHOUT any slowdown. This means that on N machines the task will finish N times faster. This could be true, for instance, in case of hyperparameters search when you have multiple independant tasks.

Graphs are not scaled when parameters change to make points movements clearly visible. To scale graphs manually use “Autoscale” and “Reset axes” buttons that appear in the top right corner of the graphs when you bring the mouse cursor over it (on tablet devices tap the graph).

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Cloud GPU providers comparison

There are plenty of cloud GPU offers from many providers. This post is here to help you to compare offers in terms of cost*, GPU and CPU performance**, memory etc. It has some interactive graphs for comparing offers and a table with details for each offer.

Please find my article on our STAIR laboratory web site about why I created these graphs and how to use them.

The “filter” charts below provide statistical information about offers distribution by some parameters, such as how many offers each provider has. These charts can also be used for filtering offers. Click on a value in any chart to filter out offers with different values. You can select multiple values on one or multiple charts. All graphs and the table below will show data only for the selected offers.

Please note, that only offers with GPU are mentioned on this page. Some providers, like Google and Amazon, have too many offers to show them all here, so I picked up only some representative ones.

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